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Carly Beth has rapidly been gaining popularity on social media from her music and viral music videos, gaining more than 8 million views and over 235,000 followers across all social platforms since January. Her success is due to her heartfelt songwriting along with a combination of her classical piano training mixed with her angelic voice. To quote one of her fans, “She is like a disney princess with the brains of Beethoven.”  

Carly Beth started her classical piano training at age five, and by sixteen she released an album of piano solos. Her album was recognized by famous American pianist, Jim Brickman, who invited her to perform on stage with him during his tour.

Evolving more into a pop singer-songwriter, she recently graduated with First Class Honors in music overseas in London, and is now back in America writing music, making videos, and performing. Some of her songs on Spotify have been produced by Grammy- winning musician and producer, Jimmy Bralower, who she is currently working with.

You can be a part of her musical journey by subscribing to her YouTube channel, and following her on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook.


YouTube: Carly Beth

Spotify: Carly Beth

Instagram: @carlybeth

Facebook: @CarlyBethHand 


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